domingo, 13 de setembro de 2009

Preparing for one more adventure

Well, now it's just a few days away... I'm already counting the hours... I look at my cats and I try not to cry. I think they can sense my anxiety, my excitement / sadness. I truly hope they will be fine during my trip. I never thought I could love two little animals so much.

Today I oficially start thinking more carefully about the trip: what clothes to pack, things I need to arrange, errands I need to run. I still need to get my credit card and buy my train ticket from Paris to Zurich where I'll meet my friends Dani and Silvia.

I'm a little upset about losing 5 hours upon my arrival in paris. This is a short trip, I need every minute I can afford! I have never arrived at Charles de Gaulle. the first time I went to Paris I came by bus from Holland. It was a funny experience: on the border with France, the bus stopped and a lot of policemen came in with dogs and began searching the passengers, looking probably for drugs! I was travelling with my best friend Norma, from the US. The bus dropped us in the middle of nowhere. It was snowing, we had no place to stay and it was early in the morning, nothing was open. Luckily we met a Brazilian guy who was going to a hostel, so we followed him along the empty cold streets of a very unglamourized Paris.

The second time was less traumatic. I arrived by train coming from Barcelona. On the train, I had met a group of Japanese girls and I became their "guide". Using my very limited French, I managed to get info for all of them including myself, because I needed to find my train to go to Charleville-Meziere.

This time, I'll get to see Paris from the air, and I'm looking forward to it! Paris is no stranger to me anymore. We have held hands, we have shared some ideas, thoughts and fears. This time my stay in Paris will be short, but for sure, not less intense!